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How can you know if the amount of physical activity you do is sufficient to maintain your fitness? In other words, is it possible to keep records of your activities and your health? The answer is "YES", thanks to a computer programme (TIPPS) developed by experts at the Sports Medicine Research Laboratory of the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH). This is an electronic sports diary freely accessible via the Internet, for both beginners and elite athletes. It enables your uploading of daily physical activity data, as well as data on pain, injury and illness.


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  • More than a sports diary

    TIPPS allows you to generate statistics on your activity over time (e.g. the number of hours of training session per week, kilometres travelled by walking or running, etc.) and to track your illnesses, pain and possible injuries. In addition, you can monitor your body mass index (BMI) with the TIPPS if you regularly upload your weight and your height.

    TIPPS is different from other "commercial" electronic sports diaries as it allows you to upload a multitude of different sports, i.e. not based solely on endurance sports. In addition, the intensity of the sessions, any pain experienced and any sports injury sustained can be uploaded for each session, leading to a risk factor analysis for health.

  • Your personal data is safe

    Access to TIPPS is done through personal access codes. However, the system gives you the ability to share your data with a third party (such as your sports instructors, physiotherapists or doctors). Thus, if you wish, you can request a connection with those involved in the monitoring of your health and they will analyse your data and guide you in your sport (the connection is made only upon request).

    The system was developed by Luxembourgish researchers of the LIH through scientific studies on the prevention of sports injuries. Your data will never be passed to a third party and may not be used for scientific purposes without your prior written consent. The security of your personal information is guaranteed.

  • Uploading a session

    Once connected to your personal account, you will have different ways to upload a session in less than a minute.

    1. Classical Uploading
       - Double-click in the column of the day and in row of the time to upload your physical activity. A new webpage will open.
       - Provide the context of the physical activity, its nature, duration, intensity and presence of pain during the activity. Depending on the physical activity, other information will be required.
       - Check the date and the time.
       - Click the "Add" button to validate your session. Your session will then appear in the calendar.

    2. Semi-Automatic uploading
       - It is also possible to register your activity directly from a heart rate monitor.

  • Monitoring of physical activity

    On each webpage to the right of the screen you will find a chart of your number of hours of physical activity per week, the last 6 weeks being displayed. Below this chart, you will find a table summarizing your physical activities of the current week and an average of your activities during the last 4 weeks. Further information will be visible in "My statistics".


  • Follow your body mass index (BMI)

    You can monitor your body mass index. Beforehand, you must obviously upload your weight several times, for example once a week (preferably in the morning on an empty stomach and after a bowel movement). Click "My track height / weight" tab in "My Health". You will find charts showing the evolution of your weight and your BMI.


  • Index-Santé

    The Health-Index is calculated based on your activities during the last 7 days and enables you to check whether you have reached the minimum of the international recommendations for physical activity. All activities that last 10 minutes or less, as well as those with an intensity inferior to 3 will not be taken into consideration for the calculation of the Health-Index. Your load will thus be calculated by the product of the intensity and total duration of the activity. You should reach at least 150 minutes of physical activities with moderate intensity, or 75 minutes with vigorous intensity, or a mix of both, per week.


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