1st Return-to-Sports Group Luxembourg

What is 1st Return-to-Sports Group Luxembourg?

Between 300 and 500 lesions of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee are reported yearly in Luxembourg (Flyer : "L'épidémie des lésions du ligament croisé antérieur : comment vaincre ce fléau ?"). Around 3 out of 4 of these injuries require surgery to allow the athlete to return to pivoting and contact sports (football, basketball, handball etc.). The surgery is followed by a rehabilitation period lasting several months. After this phase, the athlete often has a significant fear of returning to intense sport. The purpose of the "1st Return-to-Sports Group Luxembourg" is to allow athletes to return to sports safely and confidently in order to reduce the risk of iterative injury, mainly after anterior cruciate ligament injury, but also after other serious knee injuries. This group was initiated in 2014 by the Société Luxembourgeoise de Recherche en Orthopédie et en Médecine du Sport, a Non-profit association founded in 2005. It was established in collaboration with the Société Luxembourgeoise de Médecine du Sport and the Société Luxembourgeoise de Kinésithérapie du Sport.

Offer in the way of physical activity

The group offers weekly physical activity training sessions which are adapted to the fitness of each participant. They aim to allow participants a safe return to sports.

Types of exercises offered

The sessions include running, sprinting, pivoting movements, coordination exercises, jumping and plyometrics, neuromuscular control exercises, and sport-specific exercises. The intensity and level of difficulty of the exercises are adapted to each person’s capacity and sport. All activities are supervised by specialist physiotherapists.

Who can participate?

Anyone who is affected by a sports injury and who wants to return-to-sport safely. Before the first session, a medical certificate from a doctor is required. Sufficient functional scores for strength and stability are required prior to the first session, especially for ACL participants with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Information & registration

Mr Jérôme Pauls
Dr. Christian Nührenbörger
Prof. Romain Seil
Clinique du Sport
CHL - Clinique d’Eich
Téléphone  +352 4411-7201
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Site Internet https://www.chl.lu

What are the costs?

The costs are 50 € per year.

Where and when are the sessions held?

General physical training
General physical training
6 to 7.30 pm
Sports Hall
Lycée Technique Ecole de Commerce et Gestion
Geesseknäppchen - Luxembourg



Where to practice?

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