Objectives of Sport-Santé and the Programme National Thérapeutique Sport-Santé

The main objective of Sport-Santé and, more broadly, of the Programme National Thérapeutique Sport-Santé (PNTSS) is to increase the participation of people with chronic diseases in therapeutic physical activity classes offered in Luxembourg to reduce the risk of recurrences of their diseases and/or to give them a greater quality of life.

The PNTSS is organized around four axes: coordination, promotion, training, research. Thus, the PNTSS aims:
• to support the organization of therapeutic physical activities offered to patients with chronic diseases,
• to promote these physical activities to health professionals, patients, and the general public by carrying out appropriate awareness campaigns,
• to create appropriate training for the instructors of therapeutic physical activities and health professionals who will educate patients,
• to stimulate the scientific research in the field of therapeutic physical activity.

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