History of Health Sport in Luxembourg


The health sport was initiated in Luxembourg in 1984 with the creation of the l’Association Luxembourgeoise des Groupes Sportifs pour Cardiaques (ALGSC). As a result, health sport has gradually developed, and therapeutic physical activity classes have emerged for many chronic diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular, oncological, neurological, rare, orthopedic and psychosomatic diseases. These courses have been developed in parallel with scientific discoveries about the benefits of physical activity on the health of people with chronic diseases.


In January 1992, the ALGSC and the ministry of Health signed an agreement for the reimbursement of the benefits of persons supervising the therapeutic physical activity courses that it proposes for the FLASS members.


In October 2012, the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte (Œuvre) organized a round table gathering the actors of the sport sector who identified the needs related to the Health Sport. Since this round table and thanks to the financial support and the commitment of the Œuvre, the realization of Sport-Santé has been entrusted to the Sports Medicine Research Laboratory of the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) which has made it possible to take many steps in to increase the number of participants in therapeutic physical activity classes.


In April 2015, the website www.sport-sante.lu. was launched. The website contains a lot of theoretical and practical information about health sport.



In March 2016, the Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Associations de Sport de Santé (FLASS) was created, thanks to the network developed by Sport-Santé, to increase the cohesion and the emulation between the various associations offering health sports and to coordinate their actions, promote health sport, organize training and promote health sport research.



In 2017, the Œuvre, the LIH and the FLASS prepared a Programme National Thérapeutique Sport-Santé (PNTSS) and presented it to the ministry of Health and the ministry of Sports. The PNTSS aims to strengthen the promotion and development of health sport in Luxembourg through four areas: coordination, promotion, training and research.


In January 2018, the ministry of Health decided to further support health sport by funding therapeutic physical activity classes organized by FLASS members and by granting FLASS for a position of Senior Manager.

In June 2018, the ministry of Health, the ministry of Sports and the ministry of Social security launched the PNTSS, as well as its national campaign "Sport-Santé 2018".


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