Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Associations de Sport de Santé

The Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Associations de Sport de Santé (FLASS) was created in 2016 from the network developed as part of Sport-Santé. The goal of the FLASS is to bring together organizations that offer therapeutic physical activities, to continue the development of the concept of "Health Sport", to promote physical activities in the field of Health Sport, to support training for instructors, to value its members, and to represent them with public authorities. Since 2018, it has obtained from the ministry of Health the credits for the reimbursement of the benefits of persons supervising the therapeutic physical activity courses proposed by its members and for the subsidization of a position of Senior Manager for Coordination, promotion, training and research in health sport.

FLASS Steering Committee

Dr Charles Delagardelle

Dr Charles Delagardelle


Anne Frisch

Anne Frisch, PT, PhD


Dr Lucienne Thommes

Dr Lucienne Thommes


FLASS members

Association Luxembourgeoise des Groupes Sportifs pour Cardiaques (3 sections: south, centre, north)

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